TWO FAMILLE ROSE 'HUNDRED DEER' PORCELAIN VASES, HU, China, late 19th century / early 20th century

h max cm 46

With an archaistic shape rising from a straight foot, a pair of handles in the shape of stylised dragons are applied to the sides of the tapered upper part of the pyriform body; they are vividly painted with a herd of spotted deer painted in white, beige and brown, variously depicted grazing and galloping in an open field among pine trees, craggy rocks and lingzhi, next to a meandering stream flowing from the mountains forming the backdrop to the scene; in the centre of the base they bear the apocryphal six-character seal mark in underglaze blue of Qianlong Emperor.

Catalog notes:

A slightly smaller but very similar vase with decoration mirroring the smaller one (44,5 cm) was sold by Bonhams, Fine Chinese Art, 15 May 2015, London, New Bond Street, lot. n° 204.
See also the vase sold at Christie's, online auction 18417; Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, 7-24 Luglio 2020, New York, lot n° 37.

19世纪末/20世纪初 粉彩百鹿尊两只



类似拍品 ;由邦瀚斯中国艺术拍卖行于 2015 年 5 月 15 日在伦敦新邦德街拍出。 第204号。

另见佳士得拍卖行拍卖的花瓶,编号 18417; 中国陶瓷及艺术品,2020 年 7 月 7 日至 24 日,纽约,拍品编号 37。

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