Chinese Art Department

Marcopolo Asian Art sales, with objects dating from the Neolithic era to porcelain from the People's Republic of China, showcase centuries of Chinese history. Held throughout the year in Milan and online, they attract a large audience of collectors and connoisseurs who vie for different pieces, such as important porcelain, bronzes, lacquers, or other special pieces.
Our team of internationally recognised specialists is able to source, identify and select from the best pieces on the market and in private collections. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about buying or selling Chinese ceramics and artworks at auction or to discuss private sales.
Department Auctions

Carlo Santi

Head of the Chinese Art Deparment

William Arthur Martindale

Senior Specialist, Chinese Jades and Stone Carvings

Filippo Comisi

Senior Specialist, Himalayan Art
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