At the Marcopolo s.r.l. headquarters you can, by appointment, obtain a free valuation of your objects. Alternatively, you can email or Whatsapp photographs and useful information for the valuation, on the basis of which our experts will be able to provide an indicative estimate.

Mandate for sale:

Should you decide to entrust us with the objects for sale, our staff will assist you in all procedures. Upon delivery of the objects, you will be issued a document (mandate to sell) containing the list of objects, reserve prices, commission and possible costs for insurance, photos and transport, as well as the probable date of sale. An identity document and tax code must be provided for entry in the P.S. registers kept at the Marcopolo s.r.l. offices.

The mandate to sell may be with or without representation. The principal shall remain, even if only by way of indemnity vis-à-vis Marcopolo s.r.l., the party liable for any claims that the purchaser may make with regard to the purchased goods.


The reserve price is the minimum amount (gross of commission) at which the entrusted item can be sold.

This amount is strictly confidential and shall be protected by the Auctioneer during the auction. If this price is not reached, the lot will be unsold.

Settlement of proceeds:

Approximately 30 days after the date of the auction, and in any case once the collection operations have been completed, we will settle the proceeds, upon issuance of an invoice detailing the commissions and other expenses charged.


On the lots sold Marcopolo s.r.l. will apply a maximum commission of 15% (plus VAT) by deduction from the proceeds.